#TopTenTuesdays 8.18.2015

Fall colors, Cleopatra and prenups, email intros, summer gazpachos..we have rounded up some interesting reads this Tuesday. Hope you are having a productive day!

  1. According to Pantone, Orange is the color en vogue for the fall/winter season coming up. Have you gotten your orange look yet? Check out the new Pantone Shades for Fall if you need some inspiration.

  2. Warmed my heart reading this.

  3. This is quite amazing!

  4. Love everything about this look.

  5. Here's how to do 3 summer gazpachos...um mm mm

  6. This woman is so inspiring! 

  7. Made me smile - Ancient Egyptian women had prenups taller than their husbands!

  8. How to start fitting work into life (and stop fitting life into work).

  9. Science says it's OK to have fewer friends in your 30s. (phew!)

  10. Are you doing your email intros wrong? Give it a read.

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Just a whole bowl full of cuteness!


Image by Vogue. Michael Kors Collection

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