#TopTenTuesdays 8.11.2015


  1. Outfit Equations to wake up your summer wardrobe.

  2. I am sure we have all heard of Google/Alphabet, but just in case you have not - here it is..

  3. A shower that saves more than 70% water and looks like this? Count me in..

  4. The chicest updated wrap dress

  5. Summer salad you have to try before the summer ends.

  6. This cracked me up.

  7. 10 things you need to stop saying NOW.

  8. What font should you use on your resume?

  9. In case you missed our post on how to dress for success - Staples of a work wardrobe.

  10. How to stay motivated during the summer.

The Weekly GIF

Nope. It's not just Kittens..!!


Image by Harpers Bazaar

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