#TopTenTuesdays 8.4.2015

Good Morning World!

It's a Tuesday which means it's time for out Top Ten list! Ready for some serious news and of course some tickles? Here goes:

  1. Let's start off with some #chiceats - NY's best ice cream alternatives. Umm..Is it time for lunch yet?! 

  2. Did you read about this - the first FDA approved 3-D printed drug!

  3. A brief guide to quitting a bad habit.

  4.  Yahoo's push into fashion with this...

  5. Science fails that WILL crack you up.

  6. Did you know watermelons looked like this?

  7. Great article on how to stay focused by managing our emotions.

  8.  5 Terrible things you are doing to your mind everyday.

  9.  This article taught me something new: Air-Conditioning really is a Sexist Conspiracy!!

  10. Love Everything about this look.

The Weekly GIF

This Llama is completely owning his fabulousness! As should we all..


Image by Harpers Bazaar

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