5 Staples You Need in your Wardrobe

Standing in front of your closet in the morning, clothes flying everywhere in a frenzied desperation, rummaging through to put together a quick outfit  -- we know the scene. We have all been there! Let's just say its not exactly the part of the day we look forward to the most. But, fear not -- for these five fixes save the day. 

These items instantly transform your outfit into a fabulous work appropriate ensemble; are the building blocks of your wardrobe; and can be mixed and matched to create multiple looks. So here goes...

  1. The White Shirt: A White button down whether in silk or cotton, is one of the classics that can be layered to create wonderful outfits. Wear it with a skirt or a pair or trousers for a classic set. If you feel adventurous you can layer the white button down under your dresses or even over to create an interesting look.

  2. The Pencil Skirt: A good pencil skirt preferably in a neutral like navy, grey or with some texture like tweed will come in use a lot when you work in an office setting. It elongates the legs and creates a tall and striking silhouette. Wear it with a blazer for formal meetings or a cardi/silk blouse for other days. We love ourselves a well made pencil skirt.

  3. Narrow or Wide Leg Trousers: A pair of well fitting trousers is must in any girl boss or aspiring girl boss wardrobe! We personally love a pair of classic narrow ankle length trousers. Wear them with moccasins for those easy Fridays or with patent pumps for the days with the clients. The plus point is not getting the hems dirty while walking through the streets.

  4. The sheath dress: The sheath dress needs no introduction. A tailored dress that fits well to the body is everything you need to command attention and respect from your colleagues and clients alike. Wear it with a blazer for those boardrooms or dress it down with a cardi. Another way we like to wear a sheath is with a button down under it or a pullover over it. There are so many to dress it up or down. Just have fun with it. There are no wrong answers here.

  5. Blazer: This is one of those staples you will need to equip your wardrobe with. A classic black or navy blazer goes a long way. Make sure its been tailored to your fit. A highly versatile garment, it can be used to make any look formal.  


For more insights into work dressing, stay tuned in for our series of articles on styling these 5 pieces in multiple ways to keep your outfits fresh and elegant. Coming up soon!

All illustrations by Varsha Agarwal.

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