Secret of a Successful Wardrobe

Tailoring, Tailoring and then some...Tailoring

As you can see, we cannot stress enough the benefits of having a good tailor. Clothes are designed to fit millions of body shapes into a few sizes. If you think about it, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense! How can sizes 0 to 14 perfectly fit all of us?

Here is the secret - they don't!

We as designers create shapes and styles that can reasonably fit most body shapes. But, to get a fit that is truly flattering, I would say take your garment to your neighborhood tailor.

To illustrate our point better, here is an example. One of our personal favorites is the wardrobe of Claire Underwood from House of Cards. She wears every outfit with such confidence, it makes us want to be her!  Even the mundane white button downs look flawless when she wears it. There isn't an inch of fabric that looks out of place on her frame and the reason for this is the impeccable tailoring of her clothes.

If there is one advice you take from us, let it be to get your clothes that don't fit as well, well... tailored.


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