#TopTenTuesdays 7.28.15

We have decided to make Tuesdays a little less drab for you and for us.

"How ?", you ask.

With the introduction of our weekly #TopTenTuesday posts! We are going to crawl through the internet to round up the top news and fun facts so you can have a few laughs and forget about the fact that it's a Tuesday!

So here goes - Our first post in this series. Hope you will enjoy it!

  1. 15 summer work wear ideas from fashion's finest..

  2. How to be irresistible. 

  3. Summer beach goals // Owning this stunner and being on that Ibizan escape..

  4. Did you read about this?

  5. Fifteen words you should eliminate from your vocabulary to sound smarter. 

  6. This self balancing two wheeled car is just plain incredible.

  7. A new drug effective against H.I.V? This could be momentous!

  8. Had to share this. Innovation at its best!

  9. The prettiest dress for the summer in a vibrant botanical print.

  10. Are you neurotic? Here is a test.. 

    The Weekly GIF

    The most beautiful cow in the world! You go Girl!


    Image by Harpers Bazaar

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    • Varsha says...

      Thanks Alecia! :)

      On August 04, 2015

    • AleciaLindsay.com says...

      P.S. I love this idea of top ten Tuesdays! You’re so smart. ;)

      On August 04, 2015

    • Alecia Lindsay says...

      Hahahaha!! This is priceless.

      On August 04, 2015

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