The art of Custom-made


Times are changing. We are slowly transitioning to a more conscious living. where we crave to severe ourselves from that automated, digital existence and use our priceless time thoughtfully in ways that create experiences. The joys of hand tying a bow tie are infinite when compared to a clip on. Wearing a meticulously constructed suit by a master tailor is far more satisfying that a suit from a department store. Every day we are opting for choices that provide us with an opportunity to build or create things. 


Custom dress making has too made a comeback. Gone are the days of mass produced garments. We are forgoing the "convenience" of fast fashion for a tailored dress that has immaculate attention and is everything you desired in a dress.


We at VARSHA, understand the power of technology and just as well, the joys of hand made. In our world this translates to classical tailored dresses that you customize for yourself, and we carefully create for you. So, let's build something beautiful together. 


Take a look at our signature tailored dresses here

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