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FGI Design Showcase

VARSHA FGI Design Showcase

You're invited to the Second Annual Seattle FGI Design Showcase!


We will be showcasing our designs (available for pre-order) along with a handful of  other talented designers at the FGI Design Showcase happening this Thursday. Come join us for an evening of fun and fashion!

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 
Room and Board 
University Village 
(use one of the parking lots in order to avoid parking delays)


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The Wind Down

A little heavy on the Co.Design articles this week, but read on and you will understand why! Happy Thursday!

  1. Have you seen anything like this before? We promise we have not!

  2. An easy-peasy guide for how to read a nutrition label.

  3. This is quite amazing!

  4. Summer trends we are so on-board with!

  5. Is it only us or do you also think that zippers that warn you when your fly is down is a brilliant idea?!

  6. Why successful people spend 10 hours a week just thinking - Fantastic read, and one that we definitely identify with.

  7. Made us smile

  8. Fashion's most versatile shoe.

  9. The secret to negotiating is reading people's faces.

  10. Interesting read.

The Weekly GIF

When giving up isn't an option!



Image by Nendo

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Colors Inspiring Us Right now

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Secret of a Successful Wardrobe

Tailoring, Tailoring and then some...Tailoring

As you can see, we cannot stress enough the benefits of having a good tailor. Clothes are designed to fit millions of body shapes into a few sizes. If you think about it, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense! How can sizes 0 to 14 perfectly fit all of us?

Here is the secret - they don't!

We as designers create shapes and styles that can reasonably fit most body shapes. But, to get a fit that is truly flattering, I would say take your garment to your neighborhood tailor.

To illustrate our point better, here is an example. One of our personal favorites is the wardrobe of Claire Underwood from House of Cards. She wears every outfit with such confidence, it makes us want to be her!  Even the mundane white button downs look flawless when she wears it. There isn't an inch of fabric that looks out of place on her frame and the reason for this is the impeccable tailoring of her clothes.

If there is one advice you take from us, let it be to get your clothes that don't fit as well, well... tailored.


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FALL WINTER 2016 @ (capsule) NY

Last week's showcase of the FALL WINTER 2016 collection at (capsule) NY Women's RTW show. 

Thanks to everyone that came out to our booth to support us. We felt loved!


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